I'm glad you have decided to visit my website,
I'd love to tell you about myself.

My name is Abraham Landau I am the son of a famous jeweler.
Since I was a little boy I was taught to identify and understand the many secrets of special metals and their properties.
I was brought up in a strict and uncompromising household. 
When I was a child I had a deep love for dogs and my way of dealing with my strict household was playing with them. Throughout my childhood, I grew up with a German Shepherd (Nalah)  and Shar Pei (Bella).
When I grew up, I've decided to combine my knowledge in jewelry design and my love for dogs and I've started designing jewelry with the similitude of dogs.
The art you see in my shop is made with the highest level of perfection without compromising material or quality.
Nowadays my inspiration in work comes from my amazing wife Hila and my beautiful baby daughter Lia.
My favorite projects are turning a dog photo into a pendant,
I combine In my work my two favorite things: dogs and designing jewelry.
I hope you'll like the items.